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Cooperation with Nuocheng   walk to financial road  open the door to success

Win-win giant consumption market  enjoy delicate sunshine feast

Cooperation conditions:

1. the person or various enterprises, units who is over 18 years within territory of People's Republic of China and have independent behavioral ability;

2. Partner intention cooperation area of the current application of products for market gaps or urgent development of the region, giving priority to the intention of cooperation;

3. abide by commercial morality, abide by national laws and regulations, discipline, agree company’s brand operation conception and brand management conception;

4. identify company’s channel construction, agent cooperation scheme, a degree of market expansion, marketing and progressive responsibility;

5. identify company’s channel operation strategy, hand and cooperation with us to go forward, with a degree of economic strength.

Cooperation procedure:

1. communicate with us by mobile, QQ or wechat, understand products’ application direction and localize market primarily;

2. partners understand application situation of products in local by themselves, primary market survey, convenient for scheme’s determination after cooperation;

3. determine observation date to Beijing with personnel, arrange driver to pick;

4. partners observe opinion comprehensively, combine company’s cooperation scheme and two parties sign cooperation agreement officially.

5. issue cooperation authorization to partners, deliver operation products, make technological training and marketing training;

6. arrange logistics to distribute operation products to partners, and inform party b to deliver goods and receive goods;

7. after partner received goods, prepare necessity for starting business, market commissioner will guide partner’s starting business;

8. match with partners, display market inspection irregularly, guide operation and technological support.

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