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Brand support
The company has powerful capital strength, with strong brand influence among consumers, back tree, good shade.
Construction support
prototype projects and star projects spread all over various regions can be visited by customers at any time.
Promotion support
Distribute advertisement promotion in national various medias, TV station, occupy market rapidly.
Design support
With strong design team, provide various pv resolution scheme.
Spot support
According to different house type, professional engineer will analyze at the scene, provide personalized wholly design professional scheme for you.
After-sale support
All of products will execute three packages service according to national requirement, it also provide extra guarantee service based on this.
Training support
Hold centralized training class for distributors irregularly, display diverse training through mobile, e-mail, video and other ways.
Starting support
Mature agency model, adopt store model to agency, dispatch guider to inspect store irregularly to ensure successful operation.
Consultation hot-line
Official website
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