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Direct store operation

It can set monopolized store in a region, provide family roof power generation system, hold municipal construction and parts relate to light products, sell solar energy products, provide relevant products consultation service and repair service; participate distributed power generation system construction, surplus electricity to intervene in the national grid to make money

Regional agent

Grade allocation
   1. regional authorization range: regional franchise makes city, region as unit. Agent area is divided into super city, first-tier city, second-tier city and county(urban) level general agent;
   2. exclusive agency fee: determine agency fee according to every city’s GDP and urban population.
   3. after became regional exclusive agent, it has right to represent headquarter to develop branch in the local region, regional agent has to refer to headquarter’s management discipline to manage and serve regional various partners.

Online service

With development of mobile internet, mobile end users grow rapidly, mobile payment becomes main stream, 020 model has became a necessary operation mean. Nuocheng configured online and offline resources effectively, and improved three to five times customer flow and transaction rate than traditional stores. “store experience+online payment” model, meet your different demand, establish manufacturer’s co-shared information center, improve service satisfaction rate. Finally, realize online and offline mutual promotion, improve store’s turn over.

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