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1brand advantage

Nuocheng is a national registration mark, a refined cultivated brand, enjoys national IPR protection, the products is insured by PICC. Solar energy leads the industry, partners’ regional market is independent, product cost performance is high.

2product advantage

A. Solar energy pv battery adopts leading polymer black silicon chip in the industry, pv battery chips adopts secondary printing grid technology;
B. Solar energy pv, the photoelectric series products is complete,various categories. The products covers all-round industry, meet demand of different groups and families fully and broad application field.

3market advantage

Pv market is undergoing rapid and excellent development process, its prospect is endless, join Nuocheng pv team, you will get green channel to success. Selecting Nuocheng, help you go faster than other on financial road.

4entrepreneurship advantage

Orientating different investment partners, Nuocheng has three cooperation models, eight kinds of market cooperation schemes, decrease standard threshold to investment cooperation as much as possible, strive for making investment partners combine their feature to enter in and operate easily.

5investment advantage

The market access mechanism which is less than 10 thousand yuan, thousand of practical new solar energy pv, optoelectronics, solar energy products with high cost performance enter into 1000 ten billion consumers market. Anyone can get profit whatever investment partner or normal consumer. You investment can be more profitable than save money in bank, put into stock market and purchase found.

6cooperation advantage

We provide various excellent solar energy new products, improve market operation scheme, professional all-round technical training, free operation guidance and secure after-sale cooperation guarantee; you only need to provide market, organize personnel to display operation independently, other things are our duty, you can make 80% profit from selling products.

7propaganda advantage

Nuocheng adjusts market promotion strategy continuously, make strategic ally with famous marketing experts at home and abroad through various television magazines, newspapers, international networks, make strong and powerful advertisement propaganda and public relations propaganda, make “Nuocheng”known by all families and rooted in people’s heart!

8after-sale advantage

Nuocheng has production base, and professional market commissioner  will assist you to start business successfully, there is professional market inspector can match your daily operation, professional after-sale service personnel ensure your operation, while we have professional technical team can provide service for you for 24 hours and solve various difficulties for you. Whatever you are going to stock, operation or difficulty in technique and service, we will accompanied with you and help you operate store with no worry.

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